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Nutrition Information - English

MN WIC Program

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Pregnant Women
Breastfeeding Women
General Nutrition
Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions about WIC Foods


Eating Well during Pregnancy (PDF)

Health Tips for Pregnant Women (PDF)

Healthy Weight Gain during Pregnancy (PDF)

Heartburn & Upset Stomach during Pregnancy (PDF)

Nausea & Vomiting during Pregnancy (PDF)

Prenatal Vitamins (PDF)

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Breastfeeding Women

Thinking about Breastfeeding? (PDF)

Getting Started with Breastfeeding (PDF)

Combination Feeding (PDF)

First Months of Breastfeeding (PDF)

Dads Are Important (PDF)

Moms Helping Moms (PDF)

Nutrition & Breastfeeding (PDF)

Breastfeeding an Older Baby (PDF)

Returning to Work or School (PDF)

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Bottle Feeding Your Baby (PDF)

Paced Bottle Feeding (PDF)

The First 3 Months - Help You Baby Learn Healthy Eating (PDF)

Baby's First Cup (PDF)

Protect Baby Teeth (PDF)

Weaning from the Bottle (PDF)

Finger Foods for Baby (PDF)

Feeding an Older Infant (PDF)

Introducing Solid Foods (PDF)

Choosing Meats & Textures (PDF)

Homemade Foods for Baby (PDF)

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A Child's Appetite (PDF)

Choose a Healthy Plate for Kids (PDF)

Easy Toddler Meals (PDF)

Feed with Confidence (PDF)

Happy, Healthy, Active (PDF)

I Am Thirsty (PDF)

Snacks for Kids (PDF)

Mealtime Routines (PDF)

Picky Eaters (PDF)

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General Nutrition

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (PDF)

Eating More: Iron (PDF)

Getting More: Vitamin D (PDF)

Eating More: Fruits & Vegetables (PDF)

Enjoy Family Meals (PDF)

Stay Healthy (PDF)

Weight Gain Tips (PDF)

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