SHIP: Statewide Health Improvement Program

SHIP: The Statewide Health Improvement Program

SHIP invests in local solutions for better health.

Walking to school means regular physical activity for kids walking school bus

The Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis was excited when it gained a designated community school in 2009. For many children, this meant attending a school closer to home, just one of the many benefits of a neighborhood school. For one group of active parents, the boundary change meant they could create four “walking school buses” with designated routes and assigned adult volunteers. Read more.

Achieving wellness in the workplace in Rice County

business staircaseMore than 8,000 employees across Rice County are on the move, making better food choices and reducing tobacco use. The secret behind their health kick? Rice County’s Statewide Health Improvement Program worksite project, Healthy Rice County: Achieving Wellness in the Workplace. Read more.
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Healthier eating for seniors

Todd and Wadena Public Health with SHIP support created the Senior Fruit & Vegetable Program with the help of the Eagle Bend and Wadena Senior Nutrition Sites and the Staples and Wadena farmers' markets. The program's goal was to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in homebound seniors, since healthier eating is one key to better health. Read more.

Families avoid second-hand smoke in Rochester

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With the support of the Statewide Health Improvement Program, the Villages at Essex Park are now smoke-free. “Through a community survey, we know 79 percent of Olmsted County residents who live in rentals would like it to be a smoke free property, yet there are not that many options locally,” commented Community Health Specialist Kelly Corbin. Read more.

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