MDH Phone Surveys

MDH Phone Surveys

Updated Friday, February 23, 2018 at 03:21PM

Phone surveys are vital tools for public health organizations like the Minnesota Department of Health because they help track the challenges and needs of communities.

Current Surveys

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

MDH's most common phone survey is the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. MDH works with the survey company Abt SRBI to do the survey. The phone call you receive should be from 651-201-4982 or 877-551-6138. You can also ask for a supervisor who will identify themselves as being from the company Abt SRBI.

More information about the BRFSS survey is available online at Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Frequently Asked Questions.

Minnesota Adult Health Study (or Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey, “MATS”)

MDH and ClearWay MinnesotaSM are conducting a comprehensive survey about the health practices of adults in Minnesota, with an emphasis on tobacco use. This telephone survey is being conducted by Westat, an independent research organization. The phone number that will appear on cell phone caller IDs is 651-212-2581 (Red Wing, MN) or toll free 855-868-4818. Landline caller IDs will show the number 651-212-2575 or toll free 855-869-5698. The results of the survey will provide useful information to health care professionals, medical researchers and others interested in helping Minnesotans live healthier lives.

More information about MATS is available on our Minnesota Health Study webpage.

Minnesota Health Access Survey (MNHA)

This is a biennial general population telephone survey of Minnesotans focused on health insurance coverage and access, as well as health care access. The University of Minnesota may display on caller ID. MDH works with the survey company SSRS located in Media, PA. The phone number you receive should be from 612-626-3261 or 651-201-3846.

Known Scams

MDH has recently received reports of scam phone calls from the following phone number: 614-644-8068. Callers from this number are not doing survey research on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Health. Do not provide them with private or personal information.

Avoiding Scams

Scam artists may call people and try to trick them into thinking they are responding to a legitimate survey to get them to share private information.

After receiving several reports from concerned citizens about potentially fraudulent calls, MDH is reminding Minnesotans they can protect themselves by keeping the following in mind when contacted for a survey or other public health issue:

  • Legitimate callers should be able to provide specific, verifiable contact information. MDH phone surveys typically are conducted by MDH staff or by an authorized contractor. Such callers can provide specific contact information upon request.
  • Legitimate public health calls never ask for social security numbers, bank or credit card account information. Public health surveys collect information about health habits and patterns. Legitimate callers do not ask for social security numbers, bank account information or credit card numbers.
  • When in doubt, call or email us. MDH has a phone line and email address to field any questions you might have about the legitimacy of any survey call or other contact. The phone number is 651-201-4989, and the email is

As a reminder, anyone who believes they have been the victim of an identity theft should contact their local police department.