Avoiding Phone Scams

Avoiding Phone Scams

Scam artists may call people and try to trick them into thinking they are responding to a legitimate request to get them to share private information. Minnesotans they can protect themselves by keeping the following in mind when contacted for a health survey or other public health issue:

  • Legitimate public health calls do not ask for social security numbers, bank account information or credit card numbers. Public health surveys collect information about health habits and patterns. Other public health services, such as public health licensing, may include payment of fees, but these are not collected in this manner.
  • Legitimate callers should be able to provide specific, verifiable contact information. Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) calls typically are conducted by MDH staff or an authorized contractor. Such callers can provide specific contact information – such as that of their supervisor, organizational unit or company – upon request.
  • When in doubt, hang up and contact us. MDH can field any questions you might have about the legitimacy of any call or other contact claiming to come from MDH. Call 651-201-4989 or email health.communications@state.mn.us.

As a reminder, anyone who believes they have been the victim of an identity theft should contact their local police department.

Legitimate Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are vital tools for public health organizations like MDH because they help track the challenges and needs of communities. Learn about current MDH Phone Surveys.

Known Scams

We have received reports of scam phone calls from the phone number 614-644-8068, claiming to be doing survey research on behalf of MDH. MDH is not making these calls. Do not provide this caller with personal or financial information.

MDH also appears to have been subjected to a “spoofing” attack, in which callers falsify the phone number or name on caller IDs to disguise the real caller. We have received reports of such callers posing as MDH and requesting personal and business information, including credit card numbers. These calls have been designed to appear to come from MDH’s main phone number (651-201-5700). MDH is not making these calls. Do not provide this caller with personal or financial information.

Updated Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 11:53AM