Statement about COVID-19 vaccine planning

September 8, 2020

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Statement about COVID-19 vaccine planning

The Minnesota Department of Health, in collaboration with local public health and other partners, has been working on COVID-19 vaccine planning for several months and will continue to work towards the objective of delivering a safe and effective vaccine in Minnesota. We emphasize vaccine safety because, while we are committed to ensuring equitable access to a vaccine once the distribution process is in place, we will only do so if we have confidence the vaccine is safe. MDH has had an operationalized plan for pandemic vaccinations for years, and is tapping into this experience in its preparation for a COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. We will take our lead from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a national independent committee, who will only recommend a vaccine that has met the safety criteria, and fully intend to move forward with vaccinations once we know it is safe.

For information on how a new vaccine is developed, approved, and manufactured, see CDC's The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine.

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Doug Schultz
MDH Communications