MDH Learning Center Registration Instructions - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Registering for an MDH Learning Center Event

  1. Begin by accessing the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Learning Center on an internet browser.

  2. On the main page, click on Open Class Offerings to view all upcoming trainings and events.
    Figure 1: Front page of the MDH Learning Center with Open Class Offerings highlighted

  3. Browse through the list of Open Class Offerings or in the upper left corner of the window enter information (can be a program name, class/event title, keyword, etc) in the search box and click the magnifying glass. Search results will appear below.

  4. Locate the training you would like to register for and click Select Event. In the screen shot below, Child and Teen Checkup Best Practices course will be used as an example. Note: In some cases "Select Event" can also say "More Details" that will also provide additional information about the training.
    Figure 2: Search page to find courses using magnifying glass and Select Event highlighted

  5. After you click "Select Event," a new window opens that highlights course or training information. Before registering, read the event details to be sure there are no additional trainings or requirements. If you are ready to register, select Add to Cart.
    Figure 3: Screenshot of training session example showing training session information, including description, cost, date, time and instructor.

  6. The next screen indicates what course, training or event you chose to register to attend. Review and select Proceed to Checkout.
    Figure 4: Screenshot of cart page indicating what courses/trainings you signed up for. Proceed to Checkout is highlighted as the next step.

  7. At this point, MDH Learning Center will prompt you to either sign in with an existing account or create an account.Figure 5: Screenshot of sign in and create an account page.

  8. If creating a new account create a user name and password and complete the required fields, which are identified by a red asterisk (*). NOTE: in some cases the system will populate the access code based on the training you have selected. Then, click Submit.

    The MDH Learning Center is designed to track individual learning. Each person that registers to attend a course, training, or event must have their own individual account in the system (no generic or group accounts).

    If you are registering and/or paying for someone else to attend a course, training or event, the account should be created as the individual attendee (do not create an account with your information). You will be given an opportunity to enter different payee information at the time of payment.Figure 6: Screenshot of Create an Account page that includes open fields for basic information, contact details, and other information.

  9. On the next screen, provide billing information and select Purchase Now. Note: if the event is free of charge, billing information sections will be blocked out. Just select Purchase Now to proceed.Figure 7: Screenshot of Shopping Cart

  10. If there is a fee associated, the system will bring you to the US Bank screen where you will be required to select your Payment Method – checking/saving or credit/debit card and fill in your payment information. Select Continue.

  11. A confirmation number will be provided to retain for your records and a confirmation will be sent to your email.Figure 8: Screenshot of US Bank to submit payment method.

  12. After selecting continue on the payment page you will be brought to the confirmation page.

    You are not registered for your event until you select the Complete Registration button on the confirmation page.Figure 9: Screenshot of confirmation page including payment details and final button to complete registration.

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