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Health Care Considerations - Crisis Standards of Care

These resources are designed to help health care facilities plan for shortfalls in the health care system during a pervasive or catastrophic public health event, which may cause overwhelming medical surge. Each health care facility or health care system will determine the most appropriate steps and actions for their entity based on their environment, hazards, and resources. Since pre-planned actions are always preferred to impromptu decisions, pre-event familiarity with the contents of this website and development of facility-level crisis standards of care plans is recommended.




  • Ethical Checklist (PDF) NEW
    After writing your plan or incorporating crisis standards of care principles into your existing plan, use this checklist to ensure it meets the ethical objectives outlined in the Minnesota CSC Ethical Framework.

  • Patient Care Strategies for Scarce Resource Situations (PDF)
    A standardized tool to assist Minnesota hospitals, clinics, or primary care settings in determining the best use of specialized equipment and supplies during a pervasive or catastrophic public health event. Be sure to incorporate this tool into your plan.
  • Health Care Facility Process Diagram (PDF)
    Health care facilities can use this hospital process diagram during a CSC situation to help guide the process and steps involved in responding to an incident—similar to the “Planning P” used in the Incident Command System.


  • MDH Ambulatory Care Clinic Tool Kit
    This toolkit contains material for the clinic management team to use in planning for and responding to infection control aspects of an influenza pandemic. Provided are useful policies, fact sheets, templates, and checklists that can be adapted to fit your facility type and size. The information should be integrated with your clinic’s emergency management plan. 

  • MDH High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) Toolbox for Frontline Health Care Facilities
    Provides ready-to-use editable tools for frontline facilities to prepare and respond to patients who might have an HCID. It also incorporates standard infection prevention concepts into training and exercises.

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