English Language Learners (ELL) Health Curriculum - Minnesota Dept. of Health

English Language Learners (ELL) Health Curriculum

These health lessons are designed for intermediate to advanced adult English language learning. They were developed in collaboration with ELL instructors. Each lesson includes teacher notes, a quiz for pre- and post-assessment, and a student survey. Please send questions and feedback on the curriculum, including student survey results, to Ann Linde at ann.linde@state.mn.us.

Lesson 1 - Health Care System and Health Insurance

Lesson 2 - Health Professions

Lesson 3 - Immunizations

Lesson 4 - Oral Health

Lesson 5 - Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems/Hypertension

Lesson 6 - Reproductive Systems and Sexual Health

Lesson 7 - Respiratory and Skeletal Systems and Tuberculosis

Lesson 8 - Muscular and Digestive Systems and Hepatitis B

Lesson 9 - Diabetes

Lesson 10 - Lymphatic System and Cancer

Lesson 11 - Mental Health

Lesson 12 - Safe and Healthy Homes

Lesson 13 - Safe and Healthy Relationships

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