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Title V Maternal and Child Health
Priority Briefs and Data Stories

The Division of Child and Family Health (CFH) in partnership with stakeholders conducted a comprehensive assessment of the health and well-being of Minnesota's maternal and child health populations – including women, mothers, fathers, caregivers, children and youth (including those with special health needs), families, and communities. Eleven priority areas were identified. Strategy Teams for each priority were created with a diverse group of statewide stakeholders to provide input on the strategies CFH and partners should address to improve outcomes in each priority area.

The priority briefs give an overview of the current status of each priority area in Minnesota, highlighting health inequities and the impacts of COVID-19. Each brief also includes an outline of the strategies for addressing each priority recommended by the Strategy Teams, along with some of the activities that CFH and their partners plan to do to support the work of those strategies.

2021-2025 Priority Briefs

Success Stories

CFH is working to build a holistic view of maternal and child health work in the state. We are collecting success stories from all levels of public health across Minnesota. Do you have a success story you wish to share about work on maternal and child health in Minnesota? Please consider taking the time to fill out the survey, sign up for an informational interview with a member of the Title V team, or upload a report.

Title V Maternal and Child Health Success Survey

Filling out the survey or an interview should take between 5 and 30 minutes. Success stories pertaining to the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant priority areas may be featured in our priority briefs or included in our federal and legislative reporting. Programs may also be highlighted in our social media and posted to the state website. Please contact Molly Meyer with any questions.

2020 Needs Assessment Data Stories

As part of the statewide 2020 Title V Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment, the Minnesota Department of Health hosted community forums and held prioritization exercises during the summer of 2019. The results from these events determined Minnesota’s maternal and child health priorities for 2021-2025.

To assist in the prioritization and voting process, data stories and placemats were developed to ensure stakeholders had access to relevant data and information to make informed decisions. The data stories for the 40 candidate priority areas are organized by Title V Maternal and Child Health domains.

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