Induced Abortion in Minnesota

Induced Abortion in Minnesota

The 1998 session of the Minnesota legislature amended Minnesota’s abortion reporting requirement to include all physicians licensed and practicing in Minnesota who perform abortions and all Minnesota facilities in which abortions are performed (MN Statutes, 145.4131-134.4136).  A reporting form must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for each procedure.

The Woman’s Right to Know Act, enacted in 2004 and amended in 2006, requires that at least 24 hours prior to the procedure information must be provided to each patient about medical risks, about the availability of medical and other public assistance and the availability of materials about fetal development. A reporting form must be submitted for each instance of providing this information. These materials and additional information can be found at Woman’s Right to Know Act.

Additionally, any physician or facility encountering a complication resulting from an induced abortion must submit a reporting form to MDH.

Annual Reports to the Legislature

A report to the Legislature on the previous year’s abortions is published by July 1st every year. The reports are available for viewing or download at Reports to the Legislature: Induced Abortions in Minnesota.

Abortion Reporting System

From the inception of abortion reporting through the 2016 reporting year reporting has been done on paper forms which were mailed to the Minnesota Department of Health for data entry. In March of 2017, a system upgrade has been deployed which allows for secure web-based reporting. Facilities and clinics submitting many reporting forms per year are expected to use this system. Individual physicians or facilities reporting few procedures per year or reporting only post-procedure complications may choose to use the web-based system or continue to submit paper forms. Information about the reporting system and links to the reporting forms can be found at Abortion Reporting System.