HIV CAREWare - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Minnesota CAREWare Website

This site will provide you with easy access to the Minnesota CAREWare Help Desk, as well as provide tools and resources to assist you in using Minnesota CAREWare.

If you have specific questions regarding the Minnesota CAREWare application, please contact the Minnesota CAREWare Help Desk.

Minnesota CAREWare Help Desk General Expectations:

Routine Matters: 2 hours to acknowledge and return email with approximate time needed to complete issue
Create New Account: 3 business days to complete once User Registration Form has been received
Unlock Accounts: Within 1 business day once the Help Desk is notified of locked account
  • Data Entry/Submission Instructions, Timelines and Documentation
    Instructions about required ongoing monthly data entry, quarterly data entry, and semi-annual data entry. Data dictionaries listed here describe the requirements for data submissions, including Minnesota-specific (Form I), monthly, semiannual, and clinical data file formats.

  • Getting Ready for CAREWare
    Annual privacy/HIPAA training, installation instructions, and new user forms.

  • Policies and Procedures
    Approved policies and procedures, including guidance on various tasks such as entering addresses, client names, common notes, and choosing passwords.

  • Services by Provider
    List of the HIV-related services in Minnesota CAREWare that each Ryan White and/or State-funded agency is contracted to provide in the current year.

  • Surveillance Data to CAREWare
    Describes the process in which lab data from the Minnesota HIV/AIDS Surveillance System (eHARS) is imported into the Minnesota CAREWare system. 

  • Resources
    Links and documents to help users with reporting needs, required documentation, and HRSA help desk resources.