Salmonellosis 2000 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Salmonellosis, 2000

During 2000, 612 culture-confirmed cases of Salmonella infection were reported (12.4 per 100,000 population). This is similar to the number of cases reported in 1998 (601 cases) and 1999 (626 cases) (Figure 2). Fifty-nine percent of cases were caused by five serotypes, including S. Typhimurium (169 cases), S. Enteritidis (98 cases), S. Heidelberg (49 cases), S. Saintpaul (24 cases), and S. Newport (21 cases). Thirty percent of cases were less than 10 years of age. Forty-nine percent of cases had onset during June through September.

Five food-borne outbreaks of salmonellosis were identified in 2000, three of which occurred in restaurant settings. In April, five patrons of one restaurant became ill with S. Heidelberg infection. Three of twelve restaurant employees also were culture-positive for S. Heidelberg but reportedly were asymptomatic. No common food source was identified. The second outbreak involved four patrons and two employees of a restaurant who were diagnosed with S. Typhimurium infections in May. Although no single food vehicle was identified, the most likely source of infection was cross-contamination of ready-to-eat foods by raw meat products. The third outbreak occurred in June at a private home. Smoked turkey served at a party was the source of S. Typhimurium that resulted in five confirmed infections. The fourth outbreak occurred at a wedding reception at a private home in July. Two cases had confirmed S. Heidelberg infection, and an additional 12 persons had compatible illness. Smoked turkey was the most likely source of this outbreak. The fifth food-borne outbreak occurred at a restaurant in September. Ten patrons, including two non-Minnesota residents, became ill with culture-confirmed S. Enteritidis infections. Follow-up at the restaurant identified two employees who were culture-positive for S. Enteritidis. Four additional patrons had compatible illnesses but were not culture-confirmed.

Four non-foodborne outbreaks of salmonellosis were identified in 2000. Two of the outbreaks occurred at child care settings, and one occurred at an assisted living facility. The fourth outbreak was due to contact with animals. In March, an outbreak of S. Saintpaul infections in a child care setting resulted in four culture-confirmed cases. Contact with chicks purchased from a single retailer resulted in four S. Montevideo infections in May. In July, three culture-confirmed cases and three suspected cases of S. Muenchen infection occurred at an assisted living facility. In August, three culture-confirmed cases and two suspected cases of S. Java infection occurred at a child care setting.

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