Tetanus, 2012: DCN - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Tetanus, 2012

Two cases of tetanus were reported during 2012. The first case occurred in a fully vaccinated 20 year-old white, non-Hispanic male with an underlying immunodeficiency. He presented with neck stiffness and limb spasms 21 days after sustaining a laceration-type wound while doing yard work at home. He received tetanus immune globulin (TIG) between 1-4 days after symptom onset. He was admitted to an intensive care unit for 2 days and remained hospitalized for an additional 12 days. The case fully recovered.

The second case occurred in a 36 year-old white non-Hispanic male with history of 1 dose of tetanus-containing vaccine more than 10 years prior to illness onset. He presented with jaw stiffness 3 days after sustaining a puncture wound to the hand from a rusty nail. He received TIG within 1-4 days after symptom onset, was hospitalized for 1 day, and fully recovered.

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