Measles, 2018: DCN - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Measles, 2018

Three measles cases were reported in 2018, 2 of which occurred in Minnesota residents. One was a 5 year-old black, non-Hispanic resident of Hennepin County. The second was a 2 year-old black, non-Hispanic non-U.S. resident. Both children were unvaccinated and presented with fever, rash, cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis upon returning from Kenya in August. Both required hospitalization and recovered without complications. The third case was a 2 year-old white, non-Hispanic resident of Ramsey County. The child had a history of 1 age-appropriate dose of MMR, and became ill after returning from Israel in early September. This case was not hospitalized; his illness was mild and did not resemble classic measles infection.

All 3 cases were laboratory confirmed by PCR at the PHL. The first 2 cases with travel to Kenya were genotyped as B3, and the third case with travel to Israel could not be genotyped. The third case was lab-confirmed with other viral etiologies in addition to measles. All 3 cases were considered international importations (exposed to measles outside of the United States) and were not epidemiologically linked to each other or to any other known cases or outbreaks.

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