Information Bulletin 19-06: Implementing Consent and Notification for Electronic Monitoring

Information Bulletin 19-06

  • Nursing Home: 185
  • Housing with Services using an Assisted Living Designation: 31
  • Housing with Services with a Special Dementia Unit: 31
  • Boarding Care Home: 79
  • Home Care: 41

Implementing Consent and Notification for Electronic Monitoring


The purpose of this bulletin is to announce the availability of consent forms and instructions to use when electronic monitoring is conducted by a resident in their room or living unit under Minnesota Statutes § 144.6502.

A resident has a choice about whether or not to use electronic monitoring. If a resident does not want to use electronic monitoring, do not use electronic monitoring and do not use this form.

The consent forms and notification are required as part of Minnesota’s Electronic Monitoring Law effective January 1, 2020 when a resident wishes to use electronic monitoring.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) developed Consent forms with instructions for residents, resident representatives, roommates and roommate representatives to use.

Each party has different requirements under the electronic monitoring law and these differences are reflected in the consent forms.

These forms and instructions are available on the MDH website:

Certain Facilities

The requirement to place and use an electronic monitoring device applies to the following facilities:

  • Nursing homes under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 144A
  • Boarding care homes under Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.50 to 144.56
  • Through July 31, 2021 a housing with services establishments registered under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 144D that have an assisted living designation described in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 144G or have a disclosed special unit under Minnesota Statutes, section 325F.72
  • Assisted living facility on or after August 1, 2021



Effective January 1, 2020 facilities must:

  • Make the Consent forms available to residents.
  • Inform residents of their option to conduct electronic monitoring of their room or living unit.

Facilities should carefully review all the requirements in Minnesota Statutes § 144.6502.

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