Information Bulletins 2012 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Information Bulletins 2012

View and print the Key to Abbreviations for providers licensed, certified or registered through the Health Regulation Division.

No. Provider Key Name of Information Bulletin
12-01 HOSP-60 Critical Access Hospital Regulatory Statewide Phone Call
12-02 NH - 158
MDS 3.0 Update Teleconference

NH - 159
BC- 61

Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Process for Nursing Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities Receiving a CMS Issued Notice of Imposition of Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP-IIDR) Letter for Specified Deficiency(ies)

12-04 HC-31 Home Care Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls
12-05 NH - 160 Process for Decertifying From The Medicare program while maintaining Medicaid certification.
12-06 NH - 161 End of Life (F309), Advanced Directives (F155), Feeding Tubes (F322/F321) REVISED FEDERAL NURSING HOME GUIDANCE
12-07 NH - 162 Nursing Home Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls
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