Office of Medical Cannabis Org Chart - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Office of Medical Cannabis Organizational Chart

Office of Medical Cannabis Organizational Chart 10/21/2020 (PDF)

Director: Chris Tholkes

  • Executive Assistant: Nikki Jensen
  • Fiscal Management: Sonia Ontiveros

Research Manager: David Rak

  • Senior Research Analyst: Susan Park
  • Research Associate: Deepa McGriff

Communications Planner: Peter Raeker

Operations Supervisor: Megan Thompson


  • Compliance & Enforcement Planner: Vacant
  • Inspector: Andrew Murphy

Patient Registry:

  • Patient Registry Coordinator: Pa Xiong
  • Support Center Administrator: Loretha Cager
  • Patient Registry Services Specialist: Kim Vicars
  • Patient Registry Services Specialist: Lynn Yamanaka
  • Patient Registry Services Specialist: Trevor Laszczkowski

Registry Coordinator: Vacant

Policy and Legal Counsel: Darin Teske

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