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Medical Cannabis Information for Parents/Legal Guardians and Caregivers

Parents, legal guardians or other caregivers may give patients assistance with registration or to pickup medical cannabis. These instructions supplement the regular Patient Registration Process.

Parents/Legal Guardians

Only legal parents or guardians qualify for this status. You will be asked to upload a copy of a birth or adoption certificate or other legal guardian documentation.

When a parent or legal guardian and the patient meet with the health practitioner, ask the practitioner to indicate that the patient has a parent or legal guardian.

Once certified, the patient will be able to designate parents or legal guardians. At that point, the parent or legal guardian will receive an email with a registration link, asking for:

  • Name, address & phone number
  • Government-issued ID: state of Minnesota ID or driver's license (scan or photo from phone).

Parents or legal guardians may be asked for proof of identity when picking up medical cannabis.


For the purpose of this program, a Caregiver is a person designated to assist a registered patient whose certifying health care practitioner has also certified the patient's need for assistance in administering medical cannabis or obtaining medical cannabis from a Cannabis Patient Center.

Graphical overview of caregiver registration process.

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If the patient wants to name Caregiver(s) to assist in obtaining or administering medical cannabis, the patient should ask the health care practitioner to allow them to add a Caregiver during the certification process. Parents and legal guardians of the patient may act as a Caregiver for the patient without going through the Caregiver approval process.

When a patient adds a Caregiver to the patient's registry account, the Caregiver will receive an email invitation to set up their own Caregiver account in the online Patient Registry. Before being added to the registry, the Caregiver applicant must provide: name, address, date of birth, phone number, and a Government-issued ID: State ID card, Driver's License or Passport


The Caregiver will also need to request a criminal background check via the Minnesota (MN) Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Caregiver background checks are required to be completed every two years. Active caregivers in the registry will be provided renewal notice.
The background check consent form can be found here: Designated Caregiver Background Check Informed Consent (PDF)

A Caregiver applicant must send three things to the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to complete the background check process:

  1. A completed background check consent form;
  2. A check for $15.00 payable to: "MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension"; and
  3. An empty envelope addressed to: "Office of Medical Cannabis PO Box 64882 St. Paul, MN 55164-0882" with a postage stamp on it. This envelope will be used by the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to send the completed background check results to the Office of Medical Cannabis,

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
CHA Unit
1430 Maryland Avenue E
St. Paul, MN 55106

The Caregiver will be notified by email once their Caregiver account has been approved and they are able to assist the patient in obtaining and administering medical cannabis. The Caregiver will be asked for proof of identity at the Cannabis Patient Center when picking up their patient's medical cannabis.

*If the certifying health care practitioner does not select the option for the patient to add Caregivers to their account during the initial certification process, the patient can ask the practitioner to allow them to add Caregivers at any time during their enrollment year.

Disposal Methods

Please refer to the document below regarding disposal method options for patients, parents/legal guardians and caregivers.

Patient Self-Evaluation Report

Parents, legal guardians, and caregivers can login to the registry to fill out the self-evaluation report that is required before additional medical cannabis can be dispensed for the patient.

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