Report on Medical Cannabis Pricing Study - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Report on Medical Cannabis Price Study

The Office of Medical Cannabis commissioned BerryDunn to conduct a study of medical cannabis product prices in Minnesota. The study was based on sales transactions data for all products sold by the state's two registered manufacturers, LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions (now Vireo Health/Green Goods).

What did the report cover?

  • Documentation of available medical cannabis products and historical prices during the review period October 2016-December 2019.
  • Prices of sampled medical cannabis products in Colorado, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington that are comparable to the medical cannabis products offered in Minnesota.
  • Documentation of discount programs offered by the manufacturers, LeafLine Labs and Vireo Health.
  • Total number of units sold, sales, discounts applied, and net sales from medical cannabis sales in each quarter during the review period.
  • Average amount spent for a 30-day supply of medical cannabis by registered patients. 

What are some key takeaways?

  • Minnesota offers medical cannabis products at comparable prices to equivalent products in six states with medical cannabis programs.
  • Most medical cannabis prices in Minnesota went down during the study period.
  • Overall average spend for a 30-day supply of medical cannabis dropped from $362 in 2016 to $316 in 2019.
  • Patients with seizures had the highest average 30-day spend (at $364), and patients with terminal disease had the lowest (at $189).
Updated Thursday, 12-Aug-2021 14:19:44 CDT