Medical Cannabis Manufacturers - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Medical Cannabis Manufacturers/Laboratories

Two companies have been selected as registered manufacturers of medical cannabis in Minnesota. In addition, each manufacturer will contract with one or more of the approved independent laboratories to test the medical cannabis.

Registered Manufacturers

LeafLine Labs

Minnesota Medical Solutions (Now Vireo Health/Green Goods)

Independent Laboratories

Manufacturer Selection Process and Other Applicants

  • Manufacturer Selection Process
    Details about how the two medical cannabis manufacturers were selected.

  • Ramsey county district court has ruled that application materials of one of the unsuccessful medical cannabis manufacturer applicants are not public data. As a result, MDH has removed from this website the application materials of all unsuccessful applicants. See Cross Nurseries LLC, A Minnesota Corporation, d/b/a Abatin Minnesota, by its Member BHC Group LLC v. Minnesota Department of health, et al., No. 62-CV-15-7603 (Ramsey County, September 30, 2016).
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