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Medical Cannabis Information for Patients

For a patient to receive medical cannabis, a licensed health care practitioner must certify that a patient has one or more medical condition from a list of qualifying conditions. A health care practitioner is defined as a Minnesota-licensed doctor of medicine, a Minnesota-licensed physician assistant acting within the scope of authorized practice, or a Minnesota-licensed advanced practice registered nurse who has primary responsibility for care and treatment of the patient's qualifying medical condition.

  • How to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient
    Learn how to get certified, how to register, and how to get your medication.

  • Qualifying Conditions
    Your health care practitioner must certify that you have one of the qualifying conditions prior to enrolling in the program. You must also be a Minnesota resident.

  • Medical Cannabis Dispensary Locations
    Medical cannabis is available at 14 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries across Minnesota.

  • Important Information and Warnings About Using Medical Cannabis (PDF)
    This document has important information and warnings about use of medical cannabis. You should consider this information before enrolling and while you are enrolled in the program. Health care practitioners will exercise special scrutiny and care before recommending medical cannabis to members of certain groups for which there is more robust evidence to suggest potential risks associated with medical cannabis use. These groups include:
    • Infants and children.
    • People who are pregnant.
    • People who are breastfeeding.
    • People with a personal or family history of psychosis.

  • Annual Re-enrollment for Patients
    Patients in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program must have their qualifying condition(s) re-certified by their health care practitioners on an annual basis. Once recertified, the patient must submit a re-enrollment application and approved by the Office of Medical Cannabis.
    *The patient enrollment fee is due on an annual basis.

  • Medical Cannabis Products
    Click on the links below to see the range of products available.
    • Green Goods (click on Shop Now links for Minnesota dispensary locations)
    • RISE

  • Medical Cannabis Disposal Methods
    Learn about the preferred disposal methods for your medical cannabis.

  • Costs
    All patients with a qualifying medical condition must pay an annual registration fee in order to be eligible to purchase medical cannabis.

  • Clinical Trials
    Medical cannabis clinical trials are an alternative to participating in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Patient Registry. Find out what medical cannabis clinical trials are operating in Minnesota.

  • Medical Cannabis Program: A Guide for Patients
    Overview of the program.

  • Non-Profit Patient Support Groups by Condition
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