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Dried Cannabis Flower

Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Cannabis Patients

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Patients need to contact their Medical Cannabis Dispensary to schedule an appointment for a consultation about dried cannabis flower. For more information:

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Smokable medical cannabis is now available for registered patients. Patients should check with their Medical Cannabis Dispensary for more information.

Registered patients who want to buy smokable medical cannabis should make an appointment with their Medical Cannabis Dispensary pharmacist for a consultation. Check with your Medical Cannabis Dispensary on times and dates available for consultations.

Consultations are required when a patient changes the type of medical cannabis they receive.

Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Dispensaries offer pre-packaged dried flower and pre-rolls in a variety of strains and levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Patients should check their dispensary website for more details.

In terms of benefitting a specific qualifying medical condition, patients should talk to their health care practitioner or Medical Cannabis Dispensary pharmacist for guidance. Some patients may get immediate symptom relief by smoking medical cannabis, although the effects may wear off quickly.

Yes. The sale of smokable cannabis is limited to patients and caregivers who are 21 years or older and who are registered with the Medical Cannabis Program. Proof of age will be required when picking up smokable medical cannabis.

You cannot smoke medical cannabis in public places where smoking commercial tobacco is restricted. For additional information, go to Guidance on Where to Use Medical Cannabis.

Patients should talk to their health care practitioner or their pharmacist to determine if smokable medical cannabis is right for them. Patients should weigh the risks versus benefits. Research on the use of medical cannabis is limited, and scientists continue to learn how cannabis may help or harm people. For additional guidance, go to Is Dried Cannabis Flower Right for You?

They will have no protections from medical cannabis program laws and are subject to criminal and civil penalties.

Patients should carry their medical cannabis in the package in which it was originally dispensed, with a label showing their name and date of birth for law enforcement to verify.

First, you must get recertified by a participating health care practitioner.

After you are recertified, you will receive an enrollment email with your application link. Complete or update your application and pay the annual registration fee.

The Office of Medical Cannabis processes all applications in the order they are received. It can take up to 30 days for review. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email that states your enrollment in the program is extended for another year.

You can re-enroll as early as 90 days before your enrollment expires.

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