Serious Health Effect Reporting - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Serious Health Effect Reporting

  • As per Minnesota Rules 4770.4004, A medical cannabis manufacturer, health care practitioner, or registered designated caregiver must
    report any suspected serious health effect caused by medical cannabis.  A serious health effect is any unexpected or harmful physical
    or psychological reaction following the use of medical cannabis that results in any of the following:
    admission to a hospital
    medical treatment beyond basic first aid or mental health care.

If the patient’s medical cannabis was dispensed via:

  • LeafLine Labs, please call 1-844-532-3546 to report the serious health event.
  • Green Goods, please call 1-800-514-3707 to report the serious health event.

If the individual reporting the serious health effect is not able to determine which manufacturer dispensed the patient’s medical cannabis, please call the Office of Medical Cannabis at 651-201-5598 (metro) or 1-844-879-3381 (non-metro).

Updated Friday, 12-Feb-2021 16:49:47 CST