Division of Health Policy

Division of Health Policy

"...improving health care value, quality, and accessibility."

Organization Chart (PDF)

The Division of Health Policy (DHP):

  • Researches critical policy topics like health care spending and insurance coverage in Minnesota to help state policymakers and private sector leaders understand and address the unsustainable growth in health care costs.
  • Leads initiatives to help Minnesota payers and providers take advantage of the benefits of electronic health records and telehealth, and reduce health care administrative costs.
  • Identifies and reports on trends and issues in Minnesotans’ health status to help the public health system develop policies and programs to improve the health of Minnesotans.
  • Strengthens the financial stability of and capacity for services in Minnesota rural and underserved urban health care systems. 
  • Tracks and expands Minnesota’s health care workforce through data collection and analysis, financial support for education, clinical training sites and loan forgiveness programs.
  • Provides transparent information on patient safety, provider cost, and health care quality to encourage informed decision making.
  • Delivers tools, data and analysis to support health care payment reform that encourages better health outcomes.
  • Promotes improvement of Minnesota’s trauma system to ensure seriously injured patients are well cared for in a timely fashion.
  • Administers the vital records system to maintain birth and death records which are needed by citizens for legal purposes and researchers to respond to public health issues.

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