Health Policy Programs/Offices

Health Policy Programs/Offices

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Adverse Events Reporting

The Minnesota Department of Health administers the Adverse Health Care Events Reporting System that requires all Minnesota hospitals,ambulatory surgical centers, and regional treatment centers to report whenever one of 28 serious reportable events occurs.

Health Care Homes

A "health care home," also called a "medical home," is an approach to primary care in which primary care providers, families and patients work in partnership to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

Health Economics Program

The Health Economics Program conducts applied policy analysis and research on Minnesota's health care marketplace with a focus on health care quality, cost, and coverage issues.

Health Information Technology

The Office of Health Information Technology directs programs and collaborates with stakeholders to accelerate the statewide adoption and use of electronic health records and other health information technology across the health care spectrum.

Managed Care Systems

The Managed Care Systems Section licenses and regulates Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and County-Based Purchasers (CBPs). Regulation helps to ensure that your health plan company follows all applicable laws and rules governing financial solvency, quality of care, access to services, complaints, appeals and other consumer rights. The Managed Care Section also reviews Networks, Service Area and Essential Community Provider (ECP) requirements for MNSure.

Rural Health and Primary Care

Rural Health and Primary Care works to safeguard the quality and availability of health care in rural and underserved urban areas. It manages the Minnesota Trauma System and the Medical Education and Research Costs (MERC) program.

Vital Records

The Office of the State Registrar registers all births and deaths in Minnesota through a centralized electronic system. The Father's Adoption Registry allows possible biological, but not as yet legal, fathers to receive notice of pending adoption proceedings for their children.

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