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The Healthy Kids Minnesota program will expand to a statewide effort our successful 2018 Healthy Rural and Urban Kids  biomonitoring project that measured chemicals in children from North-Central Minnesota and North Minneapolis. Statewide biomonitoring can provide critical information to identify groups at risk for chemical exposure, and to inform and evaluate policies and programs that reduce exposures

How the Program Works

The Healthy Kids Minnesota program will give us a picture of children’s exposures to harmful chemicals across the state. We will determine whether chemical levels differ between groups and over time. Although the program will not study specific health effects in participants, the findings can tell us if more action is needed to protect preschoolers from chemicals, so they are ready to learn and succeed in school.

Map of Minnesota showing Southwest MN and the Twin CitiesThe program will work with local public health and school district partners to recruit three- to six-year-old children with parental consent and collect a urine sample during their Early Childhood Screening appointments. Over the next five years, we will rotate our regions of focus to include one non-Metro and one Metro region per year, in summer 2021 in Southeast Minnesota and Minneapolis. Results will help inform families, address community concerns, and promote policies that reduce childhood exposures and create healthy neighborhoods and homes for kids.

Funded by the State-Based Public Health Laboratory Biomonitoring Programs 5-year cooperative grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Health is one of just six states to receive the current award.

For more information, see Healthy Kids Minnesota FAQs.

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