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Ethical Considerations - Crisis Standards of Care

Establishing crisis standards of care requires addressing complex ethical issues. Minnesota’s Ethical Guidance emphasizes the importance of equity and the protection of those who are most vulnerable during disasters.


  • Minnesota COVID Ethics Collaborative
    MDH is an active participant in this multidisciplinary group that is focusing on the complex ethical decisions that may arise during this time. For more on the ethical guidance developed specific to COVID-19, please see our CSC Homepage.


  • Minnesota CSC Annotated Ethical Framework (PDF)
    This framework was developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics. It examines the ethical objectives that must be met in order for fundamental ethical commitments to be honored in a time of crisis in addition to offering strategies and case scenarios to achieve the objectives.


  • Ethical Checklist (PDF) NEW!
    This checklist is a guide for any health care entity (EMS agency, hospital, clinic, etc.) to cross-reference their plan or standard operating procedure to ensure it meets the ethical objectives outlined in the Minnesota CSC Ethical Framework.
  • Ethical Framework (PDF)
    This document is the Minnesota Ethical Framework developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics, in an abbreviated, un-annotated form.



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