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Crisis Standards of Care

Crisis standards of care (CSC) are when a health care system is so overwhelmed by an event it is impossible for them to provide the normal, or standard, level of care to patients. For example, during a pandemic or influenza, there may not be sufficient resources—such as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds or other equipment—available in the United States to care for all patients requiring critical care.

In situations like this, a formal declaration by state government would occur to recognize health care systems are in crisis operations that may last for some time. MDH supports CSC planning as it is impossible to predict the timing and severity of a future outbreak and waiting for the disaster to strike would be too late.

Minnesota Framework

  • CSC Framework (PDF)
    The goal of the CSC Framework is to provide planning guidance to health care and public health organizations to successfully manage the transition from conventional to contingency to crisis care in Minnesota, if the need arises. It addresses specific challenges of a pervasive or catastrophic emergency when demand exceeds available resources warranting a shift from individual patients to the good of the community.

Science Advisory Team

The Science Advisory Team (SAT) was established by MDH in 2005 for the purpose of developing guidance for resources that may be scarce in hospitals, health systems, health care coalitions or the community during a public health emergency. The SAT advises MDH Commissioner and clinicians on strategies for optimal allocation of these resources during crisis standards of care situations including ethical and policy considerations.

Community Engagement

  • Community Engagement - Crisis Standards of Care
    The Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response is conducting community engagement sessions to gather feedback on Minnesota’s Crisis Standards of Care Framework. Public participation in shaping the Framework helps to ensure that the guidance created reflects community values and priorities.

Ethical Considerations

Additional Resources

  • Ambulatory Care Clinic Tool Kit
    Toolkit containing material for the clinic management team to use in planning for and responding to infection control aspects of an influenza pandemic.




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