Modules in LPH Act annual reporting - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Modules in LPH Act annual reporting

Community health board staff report into REDCap on the modules below each year, by March 31.

Finance and staffing: Community health boards report funding annually by funding source and area of public health responsibility, and staffing annually by job classification and area of public health responsibility. This data is used to help monitor the health of the state-local public health partnership. The finance and staffing modules have both moved to REDCap for 2018 reporting.

Performance measures: Minnesota community health boards will not report in 2020 on 2019 performance measures in the six areas of public health responsibility.

Contact information for community health boards (new window): CHS administrators should use REDCap to update contact information, rather than PPMRS.

Budget: There is no longer a fall budget reporting module.


Accountability requirements for the Local Public Health Act: Community health boards have statutory responsibility under the Local Public Health Act. This includes statutory requirements and performance-related accountability measure[s]. Community health boards may enter some components of these requirements during LPH Act annual reporting.

Environmental Health Continuous Improvement Board (EHCIB): The EHCIB was chartered by LPHA and MDH to fundamentally advance Minnesota’s state-local partnership in environmental health.

Title V MCH Block Grant: The MDH Community & Family Health Division maintains information for Minnesota's Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, and will communicate with local public health leadership directly about Title V reporting.

Local public health assessment and planning cycle: 2015-2019: All Minnesota community health boards must participate in Assessment and Planning to determine local public health priorities and focus local resources.