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Cyclosporiasis Statistics

There were 156 Cyclospora cases reported in 2018 (2.80 per 100,000 population). This is markedly higher than the number of cases reported from 2008 to 2017 (range, 0 to 23 per year). In 2018, 44% of cases occurred in people who resided in the metropolitan area. The median age of cases was 41 years (range, 13 to 88 years). Fifty-three percent were female. Three percent were hospitalized; the median length of hospitalization was 3 days (range, 2 to 8 days). Ninety percent of infections occurred during May through July. Of the 53 non-outbreak cases for whom data were available, 11 (20.1%) reported travel outside the United States during the 2 weeks prior to illness onset.

Four confirmed foodborne outbreaks of cyclosporiasis were identified in Minnesota in 2018, accounting for 100 laboratory-confirmed cases. A multi-state outbreak associated with vegetable trays purchased at convenience stores resulted in 62 Minnesota cases (all laboratory-confirmed). An outbreak associated with cilantro consumption at two independent restaurants in Hennepin County resulted in 73 cases (19 laboratory-confirmed). An outbreak associated with basil consumption at a restaurant in Ramsey County resulted in 16 cases (8 laboratory-confirmed). A multi-state outbreak associated with salads at a fast food restaurant resulted in 11 Minnesota cases (all laboratory-confirmed).

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Reported cases of Cyclosporiaosis in Minnesota, 2009-2018 Reported Cyclosporiasis Cases in Minnesota, 2009-2018 (PDF)
Bar graph of the reported cyclosporiasis cases in Minnesota.

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