Perinatal Hepatitis B Statistics - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Perinatal Hepatitis B Statistics

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) provides case management to infants born to hepatitis B positive women. Of these infants, over 99%received treatment (consisting of vaccine and hepatitis B immune globulin) at birth.

Hepatitis B is transmitted very efficiently from an infected woman to her infant at birth. If infected, up to 90% of babies will develop chronic hepatitis B infection which can lead to liver damage, liver failure, liver cancer and even death. Treatment initiated within 12 hours after birth is up to 94% effective at preventing this serious infection. Prevention efforts depend upon maintaining high treatment rates.

Year Number of infants born to hepatitis B-positive women in MN Number of infants identified as hepatitis B-positive during reporting year
2009 410 4
2010 457 5
2011 414 1
2012 457 1
2013 404 1
2014 443 0
2015 409 3
2016 428 1
2017 413 0
2018 375 0

Disease Control Newsletter (DCN)
Annual Summary of hepatitis B disease in Minnesota, including perinatal hepatitis B. Archives available on the web from 1997-2019.

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