Malaria 2000 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Malaria, 2000

In 2000, 42 cases of malaria (all imported) were reported. These cases and the 147 cases reported from 1998 to 1999 represent the highest numbers reported since the end of the Korean War. The median age of cases was 31 years (range, 2 to 52 years). Of the 42 cases, 45% were black, 17% were white, 17% were Asian, and 21% were of unknown race. Thirteen (31%) cases were U.S. citizens, and nine (21%) were born in the U.S. The majority of cases (90%) resided in the seven-county metropolitan area, including 22 (52%) cases in Hennepin County. Of 37 cases in which the Plasmodium species was identified, 51% were due to P. falciparum, 41% were due to P. vivax, and 8% were due to P. malariae.

The geographical region where malaria likely was acquired by the cases reported in Minnesota included Africa (26 cases), Asia (10 cases), Central America (two cases), and South America (one case); one case traveled to both Africa and South America, and two had unknown exposures. Twenty-two countries were considered possible countries of origin of the malarial infections. The countries from which the largest numbers of cases possibly originated included Nigeria (eight), India (eight), and Liberia (four).

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