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Mortuary Science Internship Questions and Answers

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An intern application can take up to 30 business days to process.
All lines on the application form are complete, and the form includes your name and signature, and the supervisor’s name and signature, and the intern registration fee of $75.
Interns will be notified of their registration by email. We will send you an email at the address provided on your application, and it will come from or
No, you are not considered a registered intern until you have been assigned an I-number an issuance letter from MDH and a registration card. You will need to print out a copy of your letter and license. Once you receive your I-number you may begin practicing.
An MDH staff mortician will be assigned to assist you during your internship. You can review the internship forms, which describe reportable activities or call your assigned staff mortician.
The most common mistakes interns make are submitting incomplete case reports, submitting case reports with no signature, and improperly numbering case reports.
You may contact the mortician investigator who is assigned to your internship.
Your internship does not begin until you have received your issuance letter and registration card with your I-number. Once you have received this information you may begin submitting case reports.
The hours and potential number of embalming you receive as an intern will be reviewed on a case by case basis towards your state licensure. Your assigned MDH mortician supervisor will review your submitted case reports.
Please discuss this individually with your assigned MDH mortician supervisor if you are having problems with getting your hours completed.
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