Nursing Assistant Training and Testing - Minnesota Department of Health

Nursing Assistant Training and Testing

Training and Testing Program Sites

A list of approved training and test sites can be found at: Locating Minnesota's Nursing Assistant Training/Testing Sites

Study Materials for the Test

A candidate handbook which gives an overview of the test, including skills that may be tested, is available through an approved test site. This handbook and a sample written test are also available at: Test Taker Services: Minnesota Nurse Aides & Home Health Aides

Prohibition of Charges

A nursing assistant who is employed by or has received an offer of employment from a certified nursing home or boarding care home as a nursing assistant prior to beginning a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program may not be charged for any portion of the training program and the competence evaluation.

The cost of training and testing varies by training sites. Please contact the training site for the cost of their training and testing programs.

Reimbursable Expenses

Nursing assistants who pay for the cost of their training and testing prior to employment are eligible for reimbursement. The nursing assistant has one (1) year from passing the test and placement on the Registry to turn in receipts requesting reimbursement. The facility has 90 days to reimburse the nursing assistant. If the nursing assistant does not remain employed as a nursing assistant for 90 days, the nursing home is under no obligation to reimburse the nursing assistant. The first nursing home the nursing assistant stays at for a least 90 days would then be responsible to reimburse the nursing assistant if it has been 1 year or less since completion of the test. Only certified nursing homes or boarding care homes are required to reimburse a nursing assistant.

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