Health Care Facility and Provider Database

Health Care Facility and Provider Database

Directories of Facilities and Providers

Provider Database

Directory of licensed and certified health care providers database 
Data is updated daily
This database offers addresses, phone numbers, administrator names and state registration or licensure status for Minnesota health care providers. Federal certification classifications are also included. Provider types in the directory are boarding care homes, home health agencies, home care providers, hospices, hospitals, housing with services, nursing homes and supervised living facilities and other non-long term care providers. Providers can be selected by type, county, city or name.

Additional nursing home "Medicaid Case Mix" payment rate information can be found on the Department of Human Services Nursing Facility Rates and Policy (NFRP) Division website.

Health Care Directory Database

Health care directory database download (Excel file)
This link pulls live data from the MDH database. The link works best in Internet Explorer and Firefox. When you click on the link you will see the file download pop-up window. There are two ways to save the file as an Excel file:

  1. Click the SAVE button. It prompts you to pick the location to save the file. It saves as an Excel file.
  2. Click the OPEN button. It opens up the data in the Excel format and then you can save from File...SAVE AS, to save as an Excel File.

Database Field Outline
A list of data fields used for the Health Care Directory Database download file. File field definitions last updated: 12/16/09

Nursing Home Report Card

Nursing Home Report Card
Information about how to select the right nursing home for a family member.

Directory of Licensed and Certified Health Care Facilities

Published yearly on March 15, the directory features a comprehensive listing of Minnesota hospitals, nursing homes, supervised living facilities, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, hospices, etc. Lists are organized both by county and alphabetically.


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