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MFAR Search Request Information for Attorneys & Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies or attorneys representing birth mothers or prospective adoptive parents must request searches of MFAR when a child is or may be the subject of an adoption. Request an MFAR search 31 or more days after the birth of the child. The search results certify the registration status of the putative father (registered, not registered) in MFAR.

To request a search, complete and submit the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry (MFAR) Search Request (PDF) form and fees. MFAR cannot perform a search without payment.

The search requirement applies to all adoption petitions filed in the state of Minnesota, including:

  • Adoptions of children born in other states
  • Infant adoptions and private placements
  • Stepparent or relative adoptions
  • Termination of parental rights or cases leading to permanency for the child


  • International adoptions
  • Foreign-born children unless the child is the subject of a stepparent adoption

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