Center for Health Promotion - Minnesota Department of Health

Center for Health Promotion


We promote, encourage and support healthy and safe communities. We work to build capacity for individual, community and system change to improve health and prevent chronic disease.


Our goal is for Minnesotans to enjoy healthier, longer lives.

  • We facilitate effective collaborations and partnerships
  • We convene groups to identify common interests and foster action
  • We translate health research and information into practice
  • We develop and disseminate innovative and effective health promotion strategies
  • We focus on priority populations

Asthma Program

Improving asthma care and quality of life for people who have asthma.

Cardiovascular Health Unit

To improve cardiovascular health and reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke for all people living in Minnesota.

Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit

We work across communities statewide to strengthen their ability to prevent type 2 diabetes and manage all types of diabetes.

Oral Health Program

The State Oral Health Program promotes, protects, maintains and improves oral health because it is integral to the health of all Minnesotans.

Center for Health Promotion Leadership

Khatidja Dawood • Director, Center for Health Promotion • 651-201-5402 • khatidja.dawood@state.mn.us
Teresa Ambroz, MPH, RDN, LN • Supervisor, Diabetes and Health Behavior Unit • 651-201-4724 • teresa.ambroz@state.mn.us
Jim Bluhm, MPH • Assistant Manager, Center for Health Promotion • 651-201-5403 • jim.bluhm@state.mn.us
Anne Kukowski • Supervisor, Asthma Program • 651-201-4194 • anne.kukowski@state.mn.us
Prasida Khanal, MPH, BDS • State Oral Health Director, Oral Health Program • 651-201-3538 • prasida.khanal@state.mn.us
Rachel Mahon Bosman, MPH • Supervisor, Operations Management Unit • 651-201-5682 • rachel.mahon.bosman@state.mn.us
James Peacock, PhD, MPH • Supervisor, Cardiovascular Health Heart Unit • 651-201-5405 • james.peacock@state.mn.us
Stanton Shanedling, PhD, MPH • Supervisor, Cardiovascular Health Unit • 651-201-5408 • stanton.shanedling@state.mn.us
Al Tsai, PhD, MPH • Supervisor, Stroke Program • 651-201-5413 • albert.tsai@state.mn.us


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