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Alcohol Quick Facts

Statistics on alcohol use among adults in Minnesota, excessive drinking, youth alcohol use, and alcohol-related harms.

2013-2017 Alcohol Poisoning- Associated Deaths (PDF)

Alcohol poisoning is a serious and potentially lethal consequence of drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time. Alcohol is a depressant drug, and ingesting too much alcohol can affect your breathing, heart rate, body temperature, gag reflex, and in extreme cases, it can lead to coma or death. This fact sheet reports on alcohol poisoning-associated deaths (AP-associated deaths) between 2013 and 2017.

2017 Alcohol-Related Deaths in Minnesota (PDF)

In Minnesota, the number of alcohol-related deaths has increased significantly over the past 15 years, rising to 636 deaths related to alcohol in 2017.

2019 Alcohol Use Among Youth (PDF)

Research shows that youth who start drinking alcohol before age 15 are more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life compared to those who begin drinking at or after age 21 years. This data brief reports on alcohol use reported by youth in the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey. 

Preventable Deaths of Suicide and Substance Use Quick Facts

Statistics on suicide, alcohol and opioid deaths in Minnesota.

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