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Healthy Rural and Urban Kids

Chemicals are around us in drinking water, food, the air, and products used in and around the home, and sometimes our kids are exposed to them. Some of these chemicals – metals, chemicals found in air pollution and diesel exhaust, and different pesticides for agriculture and to control pests in the home – may harm a child’s development. 

Learning More about Exposures and Protecting Children's Health

The Healthy Rural and Urban Kids Project is a Minnesota Department of Health study that will measure exposure to certain chemicals in children ages three to six. With families' consent, we'll measure chemicals in the children's urine and share results and information on ways to reduce exposure with families.

Testing Informs Next Steps

By testing preschoolers from specific areas, we will learn if we need to take more steps to protect these kids from exposure so they are ready to learn and do well in school.

Information Is Private

All personal information we gather is kept private and is protected by Minnesota law.


Children, ages 3 to 6, completing Early Childhood Screening from the following areas:
Map of Minnesota showing the urban and rural areas of the state in which the project will be conducted.

  • Minneapolis zip codes 55411 & 55412

  • Becker, Todd, and Wadena Counties

  • Families who brought their children in for screening in these areas were contacted about the project.


    • Summer 2018 – Parents chose to join the study and complete a brief survey. Their child provided a urine sample.
    • Spring 2020 – Families receive their individual results.
    • Summer 2020 – The communities receive summary results from the study.


    Healthy Rural & Urban Kids Info Sheet (PDF), English

    Healthy Rural & Urban Kids Info Sheet (PDF), Hmong

    Healthy Rural & Urban Kids Info Sheet (PDF), Somali

    Healthy Rural & Urban Kids Info Sheet (PDF), Spanish

    Central Sands Community Health Profile – The Minnesota Department of Health developed this community health profile in response to health concerns in a six-county region of North Central Minnesota (the “Central Sands” region, including Becker, Todd and Wadena counties).

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