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Pediatric Surge

Pediatric surge is unique due to the specialized equipment and resources needed for pediatric patients. MDH has identified the need for more pediatric education, training, and a Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan to ensure our state is capable of responding to a statewide pediatric surge disaster.

Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan

Pediatric Surge Toolkit


To prepared individuals, health care facilities, and regional health care coalitions to respond to incidents involving pediatric patients and a surge of pediatric patients.


Included in the Toolkit:

Assessment Tools

Never had a conversation about pediatric preparedness? Start here! Use these tools as a starting place to determine where your facility or region are in the planning process for a pediatric surge event.

Planning Tools and Templates

Having assessed where you are, use the tools below to help you create a pediatric surge plan for your health care facility.

  • Pediatric Primer (PDF) (updated January 2019)
    The pediatric primer walks users through all preparedness areas to consider when planning for a pediatric surge event. It will help you create the best response for your facility, large or small.
  • Template: Facility Pediatric Surge Plan (Word)
    Use this template to create a pediatric plan or annex for your facility emergency operations plan. It will take you step by step through all considerations discussed in the Pediatric Primer.

Education and Training Tools

Want to learn more or train your staff specifically in pediatric surge preparedness? Below are educational materials for disciplines ranging from physician to emergency manager.

  • Pediatric Surge Videos
    There are six modules designed for health care facility staff (e.g. nursing, provider, emergency manager). They are: Trauma, Triage and Decontamination, Non-Traumatic Disaster, Crisis Standards of Care, Children with Special Needs, and Operations and Incident Management.

Exercise Tools and Templates

Ready to exercise your plan? Below you will find material to help you design the right exercise for your facility or region.

  • Addressing the Needs of Children in Disaster Preparedness Exercises (2nd Edition, 2016)
    Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children. This document contains six different pediatric exercise scenarios appropriate for multiple disciplines/organizations, including: clinics/physician offices/urgent care facilities, emergency management, EMS/fire, hospitals, law enforcement, long term care, public health, and schools/child care centers.

Response Tools

Here are useful materials to use during a pediatric surge event. You can print and use these forms or modify them to work for your facility or region.

Additional Resources

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