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Annual summary of Minnesota health statistics

The Minnesota health statistics annual summary summarizes data for the state of Minnesota ten to eleven months following the close of a calendar year, including:

  • Population characteristics (e.g., population size, sociodemographic characteristics of Minnesota residents such as age, race/ethnicity, poverty, unemployment, median household income)
  • Live births (e.g., characteristics of mothers, pregnancies, deliveries, and birth outcomes)
  • Fertility (e.g., pregnancy, birth, and fertility rates)
  • Deaths (e.g., Deaths by age, sex, and cause; leading causes of death by age, race/ethnicity, rural/urban residence)

County-level data, including population estimates, previously reported in this publication are located in the County health tables.

In 2017, the Minnesota health statistics annual summary underwent substantial changes in terms of layout, data presented, and definitions used for some key variables. MDH encourages users to read the full introduction and appendices for detailed information about these changes. In some instances, these changes mean that the data cannot be directly compared to 2016 and earlier. In addition to changes, MDH introduced a number of new variables (primarily in the natality tables).

For reports from 1999 through 2010, contact the Center for Health Statistics ( Reports prior to 1999 are available from the Minnesota Historical Society.

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