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Minnesota County Health Tables

The Minnesota County Health Tables are a compilation of public health statistics for residents of the state of Minnesota, its 87 counties, and its Community Health Boards (CHB). Beginning in 2017, data for the five metro area city-specific CHBs (i.e., Bloomington, Edina, Minneapolis, Richfield, and St. Paul) are also included, where available. This report includes the following types of data for Minnesota Residents by state, county, and Community Health Board:

  • Demographic characteristics (e.g., population estimates by age, sex, and race; socioeconomic characteristics; state healthcare programs; school enrollment; child maltreatment)
  • Births (e.g., characteristics of mothers, teen births, prenatal care utilization, birth outcomes)
  • Deaths (e.g., death counts and rates by age and leading cause of death, age-adjusted rates for leading causes and for premature deaths)

In 2017, the County Health Tables underwent some changes mostly in terms of the layout and the classifications used for some key variables. For these variables, the changes mean that 2017 statistics are not comparable to 2016 or earlier statistics. All users of this document are encouraged to read the introductory notes about the changes so the tables and data can be interpreted appropriately.

NOTE: County Health Tables have been renamed to reflect the year of the data instead of the year of the report.

2017 Minnesota County Health Tables
2017 Minnesota County Health Tables (PDF)

Previous Reports
2016 Minnesota County Tables (PDF)
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The County Health Tables were published biennially beginning in 1996 and annually beginning in 2003. Reports for 1996 through 2012 are available in PDF format by contacting the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics [HealthStats@state.mn.us].

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