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County-level indicators for community health assessment

The Minnesota County-Level Indicators for Community Health Assessment is a listing of indicators across multiple public health categories and from various data sources. This list of indicators has been gathered to assist Minnesota’s local health departments and community health boards in their community health assessment and community health improvement planning processes. Local health departments and community health boards are not required to use these specific indicators, nor are these indicators intended to represent the only measures that local public health agencies might want or need to examine to do a thorough community health assessment and plan.

List of indicators

This document provides a list of the county-level indicators sorted by data source. Each table describes the indicators, provides the original source of the data, and indicates where the data are located. In addition, the tables specify within which theme of The Health of Minnesota: 2012 Statewide Health Assessment the indicator may fit.

Please note that because this document was updated from the original 2012 version that many community health boards used previously, the themes listed in this document differ from the themes of the 2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment. Regardless of how a community health board chooses to organize its community health assessment, the data referenced in this document will be useful.

Main data sources for county-level indicators

Other data sources


The MDH Center for Public Health Practice provides assistance to local and tribal public health in many areas of local public health practice, including the community health assessment process. Learn more at: Local public health assessment and planning cycle

Technical assistance with data is available from the Center for Health Statistics.