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General statistics

The Center for Health Statistics coordinates health data collection efforts at the state and local level, and provides technical assistance and consultation to partners.

County health tables: A compilation of public health statistics for Minnesota, its 87 counties, and its community health boards.

County-level indicators for community health assessment: Indicators from across public health categories and from various data sources has to assist local public health in community health assessment and planning processes.

HEDA: Conducting a Health Equity Data Analysis: Information on how to think about and analyze data related to health equity, and a starting point for understanding how to document health inequities in Minnesota.

Annual summary of Minnesota health statistics: Annual data for the state of Minnesota, including population characteristics, live births, fertitlity, and deaths.

Vital Statistics Interactive Queries (new window): Customize online queries of birth, death, and population data, and produce data tables, charts, and maps.

Vital statistics trend reports for Minnesota, counties, and community health boards: Demographic, natality, and mortality trends for Minnesota, its 87 counties and community health boards.


Other general statistical resources