Small Group Health Network Service Area Waivers 2020

Small Group Health Network Service Areas and Waivers 2020

Please note: A waiver request may not have been submitted for some provider networks because the network completely met all geographic access standards.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Aware Network - MNN001 (PDF)
Aware Network Waiver (PDF)

Strive Metro Region Network - MNN011 (PDF)
Strive Metro Region Network Waiver (PDF)

Blue Plus

High Value - MNN009 (PDF)
High Value Waiver (PDF)

MN Value Network - MNN012 (PDF)
MN Value Network Waiver (PDF)

Health Partners Inc. (HPI)

Achieve Network - MNN003 (PDF)
Achieve Network Waiver (PDF)

Centra Choice SE - MNN004 (PDF)
Centra Choice SE Waiver (PDF)

Open Access Network - MNN001 (PDF)
Open Access Network Waiver (PDF)

Perform - MNN002 (PDF)
Perform Waiver (PDF)

SmartCare ACA SE - MNN005 (PDF)

Health Partners Insurance Corporation (HPIC)

Open Access - MNN001 (PDF)
Open Access Waiver (PDF)

Perform - MNN002 (PDF)
Perform Waiver (PDF)


Altru and You with Medica - MNN009 (PDF)
Altru and You with Medica Waiver (PDF)

Essentia ChoiceCare with Medica - MNN010 (PDF)
Essentia Waiver (PDF)

Vantage Plus with Medica - MNN006(PDF)
Vantage Waiver (PDF)

Medica Choice Passport - MNN003 (PDF)
Medica Choice Passport Waiver (PDF)

Medica Elect - MNN001 (PDF)
Medica Elect Waiver (PDF)

Medica Complete Health - MNN004 (PDF)
Medica Complete Health Waiver (PDF)

Park Nicollet First with Medica - MNN007 (PDF)
Park Nicollet First with Medica Waiver (PDF)

Ridgeview Community Network - MNN008 (PDF)
Ridgeview Community Network Waiver (PDF)

Preferred One Community Health Plan

Complete - MNN003 (PDF)

Preferred One Insurance

Complete - MNN003 (PDF)
Complete Waiver (PDF)

Connect - MNN006 (PDF)

Lakes Area - MNN004 (PDF)

Lakes Area Waiver (PDF)

Horizon - MNN007 (PDF)
Horizon Waiver (PDF)

Wilderness - MNN008 (PDF)
Wilderness Waiver (PDF)

Quartz Health Plan

Quartz Health Plan Select - MNN001 (PDF)
Quartz Health Plan Select Waiver (PDF)

Sandford Health Plan of MN

Simplicity Network - MNN001 (PDF)
Simplicity Network Waiver (PDF)

True Network - MNN002 (PDF)
True Network Waiver (PDF)

United Healthcare Insurance

MN SG Choice Plus - MNN001 (PDF)
MN SG Choice Plus Waiver (PDF)

United Healthcare of Illinois Inc

MN SG Choice - MNN001 (PDF)
MN SG Choice Waiver (PDF)

The Minnesota Department of Health reviews provider network waiver requests as part of annual provider network reviews of individual and small employer health plans. Waiver requests are considered approved with the approval of the health plan’s provider network.

See detailed Provider Network Adequacy Instructions (PDF) for further details and instructions.

For more information, contact Patti Fuller at (651) 201-5165 or email

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