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About the Infection Control Assessment and Response Program (ICAR)


ICAR is a CDC-sponsored program focused on supporting state-driven efforts to improve infection prevention and control capacity nationally.

Key purpose:

  • Establish partnerships with health care facilities to improve infection control capacity across Minnesota.

ICAR strategies:

  • Partner with facility infection preventionists to:
    • Assess infection prevention domains
    • Identify focus areas
    • Provide resources
    • Offer ongoing consultation
  • Collaborate with infection prevention-focused organizations to offer the best available infection prevention resources.


Participating in ICAR means that you are investing in your infection control program.

You will gain:

  • A comprehensive infection prevention assessment that is consultative not regulatory, and at no cost to the facility
  • An in-person visit to review the assessment and understand the facility needs
  • Tailored resources, tools, and training
  • Ongoing consultation with MDH-ICAR infection preventionists
  • The foundation of a sustainable partnership for ongoing improvement

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