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About the Infection Control Assessment and Response Program (ICAR)


ICAR is a CDC-sponsored program focused on supporting state-driven efforts to improve infection prevention and control capacity nationally.

Key purpose:

  • Establish partnerships with health care facilities to improve infection control capacity across Minnesota.

ICAR strategies:

  • Partner with facility infection preventionists to assess infection prevention domains, identify focus areas, provide resources, and offer ongoing consultation.
  • Collaborate with infection prevention-focused organizations (e.g. APIC MN, Stratis Health, and MHA) to offer the best available infection prevention resources.


Participating in ICAR means that you are investing in your infection control program.

You will gain:

  • A comprehensive infection prevention assessment that is consultative not regulatory, and at no cost to the facility
  • An in-person visit to review the assessment and understand the facility needs
  • Tailored resources, tools, and training
  • Ongoing consultation with MDH-ICAR infection preventionists
  • The foundation of a sustainable partnership for ongoing improvement


  • Tammy Hale, MSN, RN, CIC
    ICAR Team Lead and Nurse Specialist

  • Mary Ellen Bennett, MPH, RN, CIC
    Nurse Specialist

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