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Minnesota Doula Registry

Doulas provide continuous emotional and physical support throughout birth and labor, and intermittently during the prenatal and the post-partum periods.

A Certified Doula is an individual who has received certification to perform doula services from any one of the designated Doula Certifying Organizations (Minnesota Statutes 148.995).

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) maintains a registry of certified doulas who have met the requirements of Minnesota Statutes 148.996 subdivision 2.

In order to be included in the MDH registry, a certified doula must submit an application on the form provided below. The doula must also provide evidence of maintaining a certification from one of the designated Doula Certification Organizations and pay the requisite fee.

Inclusion on the registry is valid for a period of three years, provided the doula meets the requirements of Minnesota Statutes 148.996 subdivision 2 during the entire period. At the end of the three-year period, the certified doula may submit a new application to remain on the doula registry.

If a doula has been certified by a Doula Certification Organization that is not on the list maintained by MDH, we encourage the organization to submit a Request to be Designated as a Doula Certification Organization (PDF). More information can be found at the Doula Certification Organizations page. Once the organization is listed, the doula can then apply to be registered as noted above.

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