Uniform Consumer Information Guide

Uniform Consumer Information Guide

Housing with Services (HWS) establishments are required to complete an online version of the Consumer Information Guide as part of the annual HWS registration process. If establishments modify the services that they provide, they will need to update the online guide in addition to revising the printed version to distribute to prospective clients.

Establishments can access the online version of the Uniform Consumer Information Guide at Welcome to ICSD, the same website as was used to renew the HWS registration. The user name and password used for registration is required to access this website to modify the Uniform Consumer Information Guide. If you have lost your password, please email health.HWS@state.mn.us.

HWS establishments are required to provide prospective and current clients with a copy of the Uniform Consumer Information Guide.

Uniform Consumer Information Guide (Word)
The guide in the approved format that HWS establishments must use. The guide is provided in Microsoft Word format, which may be completed electronically, printed and saved by the assisted living provider for future reference.

Instructions for Completing the Guide (PDF)

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