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Process for Working on Data Exchange with MIIC

Follow these steps to work with the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) on starting or changing an immunization data exchange.

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Queue and Prepare for Onboarding
Ongoing Exchange with Quality Assurance

Step 1. Registration

MDH Data Exchange Registration
Create a new registration or update an existing registration to exchange data with MDH.  

Step 2. Queue and Prepare for Onboarding

Prepare for Onboarding


MIIC staff will review submitted immunization registrations to ensure all components are complete and accurate. Organizations with complete submissions will be placed in queue until MDH technical staff are ready to begin the onboarding process. Priority status is determined by:

  • Completion of an immunization registration and supplemental materials.
  • Desired data submission format and transport protocol (bi-directional exchange in HL7 2.5.1 using SOAP web services is preferred).
  • Enrollment in the Minnesota Vaccines for Children (MnVFC) program.
  • Administration of a high volume of immunizations.
  • Submission of data for multiple organizations.
  • Organization type (e.g., primary care providers are prioritized over specialty clinics).
  • How long an organization has been waiting in queue.

Step 3. Onboarding

Organizations will receive an email invitation to onboard. The onboarding stage includes working closely with MN.IT technical staff to establish a project plan and timeline that will outline the steps it takes to set up and test the transport protocol, complete message format testing, and complete message content validation through a quality assurance process.

Step 4. Ongoing Exchange with Quality Assurance

Ongoing data submissions are routinely monitored. Organizations may be asked to address data quality issues that arise.


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