Disasters and Emergencies: The Role of the Environmental Health System - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Disasters and Emergencies
Preparing and Responding

Collage of Natural Disasters.

The Role of the Environmental Health System

Our Primary Role

During a natural disaster or other emergency, such as a terrorist attack, the primary role of Minnesota’s Environmental Health system is to provide services essential for protecting and ensuring the well being of the people in affected areas, with an emphasis on prevention and control of disease and injury.

Our Priorities

Our environmental health priorities include:
  1. Ensuring an adequate supply of safe drinking water.
  2. Providing food protection measures.
  3. Ensuring basic sanitation services.
  4. Promoting personal hygiene.
  5. Assisting the efforts of first responders by providing health risk consultations or advising on exposure pathways.
  6. Providing information to emergency managers to help assess the scale of the emergency to ensure an effective response.

Flood information

Other information for disasters

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